Monday, February 29, 2016

The Rockford Pages 2016 OPSLA Poetry Slam Team

Welcome to the Rockford Pages home page for our Outsider Poetry Slam League of America slam team. Let's meet our roster for the 2016 OPSLA season!!!!

Tim Schwontz. The captain of our spoken word team, Tim Schwontz has been a voice artist for shows such as Curious George, Sleight Words. and has done commercial voice over work for Folgers and Depends Undergarments. 

Bob and Marge. They're just the typical Rockford couple. A hilarious couple. They finish each other's heroic couplets. You have to see it to believe it. The crowd loves it. It's like dueling pianos. Sort of. 

This is Marvin. He's Black. But he's not angry about it. No need to feel threatened. In fact, no one in Rockford is angry. Don't believe what you have heard from the national media. 

The Rockford Pages are proud to be the eighth and final team accepted into Division 1 of the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America, and we'll be at the Outsider Poetry Depot May 11th for the first bout of the season.

Newest Rockford Pages team member outsider poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg, editor of Zombie Logic Press, reading a copy of Crad Kilodney's Lightning Struck My Dick.

More good news from Rockford, America's 3rd most dangerous city. We are pleased to be joined by local legend 
Jesus Abromowitz Correa

Amazing update April 1st 2016: Nelson the Sock Monkey has joined the Rockford Pages Outsider Poetry Slam team and will compete in Royal Rumble 2016

Wacka Wacka

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